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Classes are held Tuesday evenings at 6:30–8:00 and Saturdays 12:30–2:00 at Worcester Fencing Club (243 Stafford Street, Worcester, MA 01603), as well as Thursdays at 6:30 at Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy. The Tuesday class concentrates on 17th century rapier informed by a deep reading of treatises (chiefly Capo Ferro, Fabris, and Giganti) brought to life with a deep knowledge of traditional fencing and its pedagogy. We also cover the classical trio of foil, dueling sabre, and dueling sword (épée) on Tuesdays, taken from the classical French method (the school of Joinville), with some classical Italian (Radaellian) mechanics (such as parries and the angle of engagement) added to the sabre school where they have proven superior to the French method. The Saturday class is on longsword (drawn mostly from Meyer's treatise of 1570 as understood through the prism of traditional bâton mechanics) and self-defense/dagger. The first Tuesday of the month is the "Joinville" method of bâton or canne. General fitness and martial-arts skills are also included in the class. Loaner equipment is avaliable; bring T-shirt, sweatpants or track pants, a cup (for men), a water bottle, and sneakers (low-top are better). No shorts, please.

Please print, sign, and bring this waiver to your first class.

Ken also teaches Thursdays at Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy in Easthampton; contact PVFA to sign up.

Private lessons in classical weapons (foil, épée, and sabre), cane and bâton, rapier, rapier and dagger, smallsword, and longsword are also available by arrangement ($50 per hour plus $10 floor fee). This does not appear as a choice in the drop-down menu above; please contact Dr. Mondschein personally at ken -at - kenmondschein dot com to make arrangements.


Ken Mondschein, PhD, Maître d'Armes Historique
Email: ken -at- kenmondschein dot com
Phone (Google Voice): (413) 282-8609

Classes held at:
Worcester Fencing Club
243 Stafford Street, Worcester, MA 01603

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