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Classical Fencing Schools in the United States

East Coast

Salle Green (Maître Walter Green, Glen Allen, VA)

In Ferro Veritas (Maître Adam Crown, Ithaca, NY)

The Martinez Academy of Arms (Maestri Ramon Martinez and Jeannette Acosta-Martinez, New York City)

Kim Moser (West Palm Beach area, FL)

Tri-Cities Academy of the Sword (Binghamton, NY)

West Coast

Accademia di Scherma Classica (San Mateo and Santa Clara, CA)

Academia della Spada (Cecil Longino, Seattle, WA)

Destreza Pacifica Fencing Club (Antone Blair, Arcata, CA)
(No URL; e-mail Mr. Blair at sildar1 -at- earthlink -dot- com)

Fencing Master's Program (formerly at San Jose State) (Maestro William Gaugler, Bay Area, CA)

Northwest Academy of Arms (Maestro Sean Hayes, Eugene, OR)

Salem Classical Fencing (Prevot Michael Heggen, Salem, OR)

La Spada Nimica (Maestro Frank Lurz, Marin County, CA)


Columbia Classical Fencing (Columbia, MO)

Maître Nick Evangelista (Springfield, MO)

St. Louis Classical Fencing (St. Louis, MO)

Jack of Swords (O'Fallon, MO)

Dance 'n' Fitness (Alexis LaJoie, Northfield, MN)

Wichita Fencing Club (Maestro Ted Hootman, Wichita, KS)


Mississippi Academy of Arms (Rez Johnson, Central MS)


Classical and Historical College Clubs in the United States

Marquette University Classical Fencing Society (Milwaukee, WI)


Historical Fencing Schools and Groups in the US

UMass-Amherst ARMS (Jeff Lord, Amherst, MA)

Chicago Swordplay Guild (Chicago, IL)

Higgins Sword Guild (Worcester, MA)

Order of the Seven Hearts (Tom Leoni and Steven and Kara Reich, Alexandria, VA)

Sacramento Sword School (Maestri Puck Curtis, Kevin Murakoshi, and Eric Myers, Sacramento, CA)

Christian Tobler (Oxford, CT)


Sport Fencing Clubs Near Us

Western MA

Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy (Maître Paul Sise, Easthampton, MA)

Worcester MA

Worceste Fencing Club (Moniteur Doug Jacobs)


Traditional Fencing Schools in Europe

Classical Fencing Ireland (Neville Gawley, Limerick)

Accademia d'Armi Manusardi (Maestri Italo Manusardi and Lorenzo Ravazzani Manusardi, Milano)

Salle Coudurier (Paris)

The Macdonald Academy of Arms (Maestro Paul Macdonald, Edinburgh)

Acadèmie d'Escrime aux Fouets et Batons (Paris)


Historical Fencing Schools and Groups in Europe

Federazione Italiana Scherma Antica e Storica (FISAS) (Maestro Andrea Lupo Sinclair, Italy)

Accademia Romana d'Armi (Rome, Italy)

Dawn Duellists' Society (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Stork's Beak (Edinburgh)

Black Boar (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Hotspur School of Defen[s]e (Geordieland)

Classical, Historical, and Traditional Fencing Organizations

The Association for Historical Fencing

The British Federation for Historical Swordsmanship


Equipment Vendors

Absolute Fencing (very cheap but acceptable masks, jackets, and gloves; we have a club account)

Albion swords (top of the line, but expensive, training longswords)

American Fencers' Supply (true ricasso Italian weapons and lots of cool odds and ends; don't get the historical weapons)

Arms and Armor (top of the line swords)

Benjamin Arms (French foils and épées)

Darkwood Armoury (good rapiers and excellent blades, but be sure to ask them to tap all the way THROUGH the pommel and secure the blade with a nut)

The Fencing Post (true ricasso Italian weapons, great customer service)

Tom Fiocchi (very good smallswords)

Dennis Graves (simply the best cutler out there)

Kult of Athena (ridiculously cheap prices on Hanweis and such)

McDavid (hexpads)

Mercenary's Tailor (munitions-grade armor)

Revival (Heavy fencing gloves and other WMA gear; caveat emptor with the other stuff)

Sport 7 (cannes et bâtons; ils ne parlent pas l'anglais)

Tom Rockwell (false-ricasso Italian weapons and dueling swords)

Therion Arms (practice weapons, good customer service)

Triplette Competition Arms/Zen Warrior Armory (knickers, mask covers, and the famous "Eric Myers classical fencing jacket." Do NOT get weapons.)

Twin Arms (false-ricasso Italian weapons)



The Raymond J. Lord Collection at UMass-Amherst (curated by Jeff Lord)

Alexander Technique Center New England

Jared Kirby's fencing original editions and facsimiles

The Higgins Armory Museum (Worcester, MA)

Leonard I. Lapinsohn, "Brothers in Battle." Black Belt 6:7 (1967): 40–43
An article on Leonardo Terrone (author of Right and Left Handed Fencing), referencing "classical fencing" in the early twentieth century. Though a classical fencing movement is relatively recent, the idea of a "classical" style is at least nineteenth century.