A profile of Dr. Mondschein in the Hampshire Gazette


Brass Frog Assault-At Arms, April 2014 (Dr. Mondschein won the Military Sabre competition and directed Dueling Sabre)


From the Westfield State University employee newsletter


Write-up in the local paper


Another write-up in the local paper... of course, those are neither longswords, nor a parry-riposte...

newspaper article


A write up on Ken teaching an intro class at PVFA.


An intro class at the Higgins. Students are always given individual attention.


Step one: Explain the skill.

Explain the skill


Step two: Demonstrate the skill.


Step three: Have the students attempt the skill.

Ken explains blade leverage


Step four: Keep polishing!

Ken explains blade leverage


Lecturing and demonstrating at the Higgins


A good lunge is fundamental.


Still, rapier footwork can be quite different from modern fencing.