The field of Historical European Martial Arts is ever-changing, as new information comes to light and old assumptions are revised. Dr. Mondschein is one of the foremost researchers in this field. Below are links with information about his books and other writings, as well as some downloads and other resources.


Information About Dr. Mondschein's Books
(and errata)




"Can These Bones Come to Life"?


Dr. Mondschein's Other Writings


Daggers of the Mind: Towards a Historiography of Fencing (1998)
Dr. Mondschein wrote this at Boston University while working towards his MA in history. It is a first stab towards a critical historiography of fencing. (Previously published in Estafilade and the Journal of Western Martial Arts.)

It's all in the Timing (1999?)
An early attempt to universalize timing concepts in Italian rapier for the online magazine While still useful, it's a bit muddled and needs topay closer attention to the source texts while also relating the ideas to classical and modern fencing terminology.

The Other Wild West (1999)
Fencing in 19th and early 20th century New York. Somewhat dated, but still interesting. (Previously published in Hammerterz Forum.)

Review of Sydney Anglos' Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (2001)
A critique of Professor Anglo's extraordinarily significant monograph. Dr. Mondschein's main objection is that he pays too much attention to the "martial" and not enough to the "art," while at the same time not understanding the nomenon of fencing itself. (Previously published in Estafilade and The Fightmaster.)

Description of the Paris Fiore MS ("Florius de arte lutandi," BnF MS Lat 11269) (2008)
Codicological analysis of the "fourth Fiore" Dr. Mondschein found in Paris

French Stick Traditions (2008)
Notes on some of Dr. Mondschein's training in France

Words and Swords: The Maître d'Escrime and the Creation of Bourgeois Masculinity (2009)
This was a paper Dr. Mondschein gave at the NYU Department of French's Unbecoming Masters conference. All we can say is that it was, like all history (which Isidore of Seville reminds us is a form of rhetoric) written to its audience.

Pennsic Class Handouts (2011)
Notes for Dr. Mondschein's Pennsic 40 classes

Open Letter to HEMA Practitioners (2013)
On the "HEMA masters" controversy

How To Teach Fencing (2013)
Published in the SCA's publication, Tournaments Illuminated

The Number of Motion: Camillo Agrippa’s Geometrical Fencing and the Enumeration of the Body (2014)
Journal of the Northern Renaissance6


Downloads and Translations

Advice from a Spanish physician to his sons studying in Toulouse (1315, translated from the Latin)

Henry Eckford, "Fencing and the New York Fencers." The Century 33:56 (1887): 417–421

"On the Foil and the Épée" by Alexandre Coudurier (1904, French and English)

Zanutto, D. Luigi. Fiore di Premariacco ed I Ludi e Le Feste Marziali e Civili in Friuli. Udine, 1907.

Some instruction on How Not to Fence from the 1950s (movie format)


Other Resources

Kunst des Fechtens terms from the Higgins Sword Guild